Videos about Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion in a T-Shirt: In Session with Elli Tholouli

Dr Stan Steindl, Clinical Psychologist and CFT pioneer, author of the book “The gifts of compassion” and research, has created a wonderful video series about CFT. It was a great joy and honour to take part in Compassion in a T-shirt: In session and reflect on Stan’s questions about how I came to this approach, what inspires me in CFT, what I find helpful, the obstacles to compassion and the compassion success stories! In the same series you can find amazing CFT nuggets!

Helping Daphne overcome hemophobia with Compassion Focused Thera

Elli Tholouli, 7th International Conference of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, London, 2018

Compassion refers to the courage to face our fears and difficulties so that we can reach our goals and live the lives we want. Here you can watch a presentation on a case study of implementing CFT and behaviour therapy to help a young woman overcome her fear of blood and shame of fainting. Daphne cultivated her compassionate self and ideal compassionate person, which encouraged her to engage in gradual exposure. The therapy was concluded in a mood of humour, moving emotions, shared appreciation and gratitude.

Compassion – An introduction, by Ari Cowan

This video provides an introduction to the take of International Center for Compassionate Organizations on some of the remarkable aspects of being human, the challenges human beings face, the role of compassion, and the value to those who adopt the value and practice of compassion.

Compassion for Voices: A Tale Of Courage And Hope

Compassion Focused Therapy can help us address our hostile, critical voice. Watch this wonderful video about how compassion for voices we hear can work, so that we may lead a free life with or without those voices.

Nature of Compassion, Fear, Safe Relating & World Change: Part 1

A series of lectures about the importance of compassion and Compassion Focused Therapy. Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE, founder of CFT created these series at the start of the coronavirus pandemic about how compassion and safe relating can help us during these troubled times.

You can watch the whole series of these free lectures here

Engaging with Voices

A series of presentations by Charlie Heriot-Maitland, Elisabeth Svanholmer and Rufus May about how we can approach hostile or critical inner voices. This approach is based mainly on Non-Violent Communication, Compassion, Gestalt Therapy and Mindfulness.