Practicing psychotherapy is a gift with many challenges for therapists and ongoing supervision is necessary for therapists of all backgrounds.

We provide supervision for therapists at all stages of CFT experience, whether you have just started being interested in CFT or you have been practicing this approach for many years. We also provide focused therapy supervision to therapists working on different models and who would like to deepen their empathy, compassion, mentalizing skills and self-compassion during their sessions with clients and for themselves. 

We offer supervision individually and in groups both in person and online. During supervision we focus on the understanding and application of the CFT model for a range of psychological challenges clients face, for developing skills and creating a CFT case formulation. In CFT supervision we also give emphasis on experiencing CFT from the inside out as therapists, learning from the personal experience of key concepts and practices in CFT, working with our common humanity and shadows and deepening our therapeutic skills and understanding of the therapy process. 

Elli Tholouli and Dr Chris Irons have a long experience of clinical practice in compassion focused therapy. Elli has been supervising the Icelandic group of therapists trained in CFT by the Compassionate Mind Foundation and is currently supervisor of trainees for the Diploma in Compassion Focused Therapy run by the Compassionate Mind Foundation. Elli is also providing individual and group supervision in Greece. For 5 years since 2022 she has been coordinating an international CFT peer supervision group online. She is receiving CFT supervision regularly and is part of CFT peer support groups from members of the Compassionate Mind Foundation and Professor Paul Gilbert. 

Please contact us if you are interested in individual supervision or to join a supervision group with other professionals at

We offer clinical supervision to mental health professionals that have been trained or are interested in Compassion Focused Therapy and therapists who desire to deepen their skills in compassion and empathy in sessions, for their clients and for themselves.

By ensuring a safe space in supervision with confidence, will help you to assess and process clinical material, cultivating a compassionate mindfulness of the inner processes of your clients and yourselves. We will support you in developing a CFT-based case formulation of your clients’ difficulties and in co-creating a therapeutic plan. In supervision we often work with blocks, fears and resistances to compassion during therapy. Moreover emphasis is given on experiential understanding of CFT concepts and the therapeutic techniques that we apply as means to personal self-care, development and deepening of our clinical skills.

If you are interested in individual supervision, you can contact us at

For 5 years since 2022 Elli coordinated an international Compassion Focused Therapy Peer Supervision Group online. 

During the meetings the group practiced Compassionate Mind Training exercises, discussed specific therapy themes or cases in confidence. The goal was to share and deepen our clinical skills and providing better care for our clients. 

If you are interested to take part in the next peer supervision group, please contact Elli at with a brief description of your experience and training in therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy in specific.

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