Useful links

The principal organization for Compassion Focused Therapy


Events, trainings and lectures on Compassion Focused Therapy and its applications for the promotion of well-being


An organization directed by Dr. Chris Irons, Dr. Korina Ioannou and Drs. Charlie Heriot-Maitland offering therapy, supervision, trainings, and research on Compassion Focused Therapy


This webpage by Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the research on self-compassion, provides exercises, workshops and articles regarding self-compassion and compassion in healthcare and education

Chris Germer

The webpage of Dr. Chris Germer, a clinical psychologist and pioneer in the role of mindful self-compassion in therapy

Center for msc

Training and promotion of Mindful Self-Compassion

charter for compassion

The international charter for activities and events that promote compassion in communities, groups and organizations in healthcare, education and the environment

compassion institute

A nonprofit global advocate for compassion education

Compassionate center

The International Center for Compassionate Organizations is a nonprofit, public health, and public service organization working to foster the value and practice of compassion in organizations worldwide.

Open Minded

The webpage of Elisabeth Svanholmer and Rufus May with useful ideas and holistic approach resources for the promotion of emotional and social well-being